Monday, March 19, 2012

Carte Postale de Reims

The postman was good to me today.  Not only did he deliver a map to my door, he also left me a letter from my cousin and the postcard above in my mailbox.  I'm delighted with all three items I received, but I thought I'd share an excerpt of what my dear Kathleen wrote.

Kathleen (whom you may remember from my American Thankgiving post) was teaching English in Saint Etienne at the collège and lycée levels at the same time as I.  She stayed for a second year in France, this time as a lectrice at the university.  She recently took advantage of a break from teaching to travel to Reims, Paris and Spain.  She wrote me (in beautiful handwriting must say): 
Coucou chérie! Voici ta carte postale de Reims. I chose the most typical cathedral one I could find.  It is so beautiful here--but I must say that the champagne tours add a lot to the beauty as well.  I'm not as good at telling the difference between the types and layers of flavour, but it's fun!
The postage affixed, I noticed, was a Lettre Verte stamp.  I didn't know about these when I was in France, but it's an apparently greener way to send your snail mail.  These green letters are delivered by ground and, according to the French post's website, their delivery emits up to 30% less CO2 than priority mail.  What a simple way to make a difference!

I would love to visit Reims.  There just wasn't enough time to fit in all the French towns worth seeing!  I wish my equally novice self was was sampling the champagnes alongside her:)  Reims would also be interesting to visit because it's where the kings of France were crowned.

Last April when Emily and I went to Paris (where she ran the marathon!), we day-tripped to Chartres.  It was a beautiful visit and I loved listening to Emily, who took a course on French cathedrals, tell me all about it. I have to admit though that would keep getting confused and mistaking it as the cathedral where the kings were crowned!


Emily said...

I miss you and Kathleen and France and cathedrals! Thanks for this lovely moment of nostalgia :)

Vanessa said...

You're welcome! Who knows send me a postcard of your lovely part of the world and my wanderlust may force me to buy a ticket down there:) I would love to come visit the southern US, and if it timed in a way that you and Kathleen/Claire/Tyler (and Andrenne? Is Virginia far?) were also nearby, that'd be a bonus! I definitely think a reunion should be in the works:)