Monday, April 22, 2013

TO Toronto (Part 3)

(Have I run dry of clever Toronto titles?)

As much as I liked Toronto as a city, the best part was by far seeing all the friends and family I have out that way. When an opportunity to go to Toronto arose, the prospect of reconnecting with these friends really tipped me towards seizing the chance (as if that in itself wasn't reason enough to go!).
First thing Saturday afternoon was a second French reconnection. I caught up with Katherine, Marryn, and Amanda (and her fiancé) on a sunny roof-top patio. None of us could believe it had already been almost two years since seeing each other. It was really interesting to catch up on everyone: some are engaged (not me--this is not a subtle announcement!), pursuing various career ambitions, but all doing fantastic by all accounts.
Sunday my cousin Gilian came to Toronto and we checked out the ROM. Here she is in front of the mastodon from Welland. (I have more on the ROM for another post.)
Then Monday my cousin Vivian got back into the city from a weekend trip to Algonquin Park. Having not seen her in at least a dozen years, I was surprised that when we first hugged a black hole didn't form. The next night, she took me to the Whippoorwill. A crazy small-world Vancouver connection occurred when Shawna turned out to work there.

I also caught up with friends I didn't get pictures with, like Evan and Kaitlin.

It was so great to see everyone, I am definitely more inclined to go back for whatever reason (or no reason)!

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