Sunday, August 17, 2014

La canicule qui n'a pas été

I could forgive you for mistaking this view from out my living room window as having been taken in April rather than in August.

When I first arrived back in May, I was told that about la canicule.

canicule (can-knee-k(y)ule) : heat wave 

Indeed, summer here feels hotter than in Vancouver because of the humidity. On Canada Day is was 30°C, but felt closer to 40°C with humidity. Despite the oppressive heat and humidity, which I think Anna and I's patriotism enabled us to survive, we were told that it gets hotter. 

But then in mid-July it cooled down and again this past week has been grey and rainy. It's been an unusually cold summer in Ottawa this year. Being accustomed to Vancouver's temperate and rainy climate, I've felt at quite at home. I've even jokingly teased my Ottawa compatriots about how they always say they want to live in Vancouver, well, this is what it's like in Vancouver.

In all honesty though, I worried a little when I spotted the first autumn leaves appearing on the trees outside my window yesterday. Although autumn in Ottawa is supposed to be beautiful, I didn't pack an autumn wardrobe and I hope summer isn't over by the time I get back to Vancouver!

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