Friday, September 24, 2010

Bonjour de Paris!

I just got into Paris. The only way I can describe it is surreal. It was one thing to tell people, "I'm going to France," it's another to actually be here. I pinched myself a few times on the way off the plane and into the terminal.

A nine hour time difference probably also adds to the surrealism of it all. When I arrived at my hotel about an hour ago, I was so dizzy from being tired and having heaved my suitcases around (onto the train, off the train, up and down various flights of stairs to make my métro connection, up some more stairs on the way out of the métro station and then down a street with only a vague idea of the direction I should be going), that I felt like I might pass out as I checked in.

The other thing that has added to my sense of time warp is, of course, the flight. I spent eleven-and-a-half hours on a plane for which the whole time I felt like it was Thursday, September 23. I suppose on long-distance flights like that you are simply between days.

Despite being so tired, I'm going to heed the advice of my good friend from London and stay up until at least 8:00pm Paris time. He said if I did this, I would beat jet lag in a day.

As I will be in Paris until Monday, I thought I would share the song Aux Champs Elyées by Joe Dassin. Enjoy!

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