Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Siskiyou is the project of Colin Huebert (formerly of Great Lake Swimmers) in collaboration with Erik Arnesen. This past spring, and the year before, Peter played bass on songs that now appear on the self-titled record.

Siskiyou will be touring Europe this autumn with Peter playing bass. This morning he and I were discussing the possibility of me meeting him to see them play in a nearby city. I'm very excited.

If you are in Vancouver, you can catch Siskiyou's inaugural show at the Media Club on October 6th with shows in Ontario and Québec following in late October and Early November (Details here).

Despite my obvious bias, I really like Siskiyou's music. My favourite songs are either Never Ever Ever Ever Again or Everything I Have. Have a listen here, yourself!

(Siskiyou album cover art by Harvey Pratt)

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