Monday, June 27, 2011

Berlin in a Whirlwind

If you're still following my adventure, after having done a tour de France, my mum and I returned to London, where she flew home from.  I stuck around Londontown a few extra days to visit an old friend and hit some of the city's great museums.  From London, I hopped a plane to Berlin where I met up with my travel buddy, Jacky, whom you may remember from my trip to Amsterdam

Berlin was love at first glimpse of the TV tower.  The city has a really cool vibe I can't quite describe.  Our first day there we took a walking tour and saw the sights, including the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the Wall, and the location of Hitler's bunker.

Berlin, and Germany for that matter, has such a rich history full of upheavals, of which there are lots of commemorations throughout the city.  There is the monument to the victims of war and tyranny, the Holocaust memorial, and a monument dedicated to the commemoration of the Nazi book burnings to name but a few.  Despite this, I didn't get the impression that Berlin is a city weighed down by its history.  It's possible to relax, have fun and enjoy the city that Berlin has become.  To me, there are multiple Berlins.  It just depends which one you want to see when you visit the city.

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ANKA said...

I loved Berlin, too, and got really jazzed by all the art. I thought Berlin had a pretty healthy relationship with its history - they recognize it, they know which notes to emphasize, but they don't let themselves to be overwhelmed by it. Did you notice the tension between indie culture and corporatization?