Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Postcard Challenge II

Peter left for Europe with Siskiyou today. If you're in Europe (or Ottawa or Montréal), you can check out their tour dates here. In only a little more than three weeks, I too, will make the trip across the pond.

While I lived in Europe, I loved sending and receiving snail mail, including my Where Am I? Trivia Postcard Challenge. So, if you'll indulge me, and want to play along, I'd love to reinvent it. I would scour for clues in books and on the internet. For each destination I travelled to, I would post between 3 and 5 clues. Sometimes each clue would have its own individual answer, but all were related to the specific country or city I was travelling to. Often, I would draw my inspiration for clues from a place's history, geography, or things the destination was well-known for (e.g. chocolate and beer for Belgium).This time, I thought I would reverse the roles.  

If you would like a postcard form Madrid, Barcelona, or Amsterdam, simply leave a comment with a trivia-esque fact about one of these cities (or Spain or the Netherlands more generally) before 6:00pm PDT June 8, 2012. 

This contest is open to all readers, so please be sure to leave an email address in your comment (so I can contact you for your mailing address). I will draw for winners the evening before I leave. Comments will be moderated so that the clues are not visible until after the contest has closed. This way, later commenters cannot simply recycle previous commenters' clues. If you get an error message when trying to post your comment, please email me and let me know as I have had trouble with moderated Blogger comments in the past.

Bonne chance! Or, buena suerte and veel succes!


Unknown said...

So jealous you are going to Amsterdam!

Unknown said...

So jealous you are going to Amsterdam!

Anonymous said...

I want a bull from Spain.

Unknown said...

Q- Which European city has the most cloudless days of any city in Europe?

Emily said...

Many outsiders will refer to Barcelona in short as "Barça", but true natives will instead shorten the city's name to "Barna".

Stefan Brown said...

Did you know The Netherlands was once part of the Spanish Empire, and went through an Eighty Year War for independence?