Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vancouver: Visitor's Eye View

After our weekend trip to Victoria, it was back to Vancouver, and back to work for me. I felt bad that I was leaving Jacky to visit my city mostly by herself; although when I visited my friend Dominic in last May, I didn't at all mind loitering around London by myself, and took the opportunity to check out some of that city's great museums.

Vancouver's weather did not care that I was hosting a guest and was its typical grey, rainy self during Jacky's first two days here. The first day, our mutual friend Josh gave her the compulsory tour of the city, and I met them for drinks after work.  Jacky had the Sea Wall slated for the next day, and ever the determined, she persisted despite the rain. On the third day, to my great relief, the sun rose so Jacky could see Vancouver at its best.

It was really neat to meet up with Jacky at the end of each day and hear about what she had seen and done. As her camera seemed to be on the fritz, I lent her mine. I thought I'd share some of the photos she snapped: 
View of Science World looking North across False Creek. 

Colourful boats on False Creek.
View of the Burrard Street Bridge looking West across False Creek.
This killer whale mural has existed for almost as long as I can remember. I would be so sad to ever see it go if the building it's painted on ever gets redeveloped.

It was so much fun having Jacky visit. By the end of the week, Jacky knew as much about Vancouver's idiosyncrasies as any life-long Vancouverite, and would have fit right in. I hope I get to play host again soon.

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