Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Destination Tags

While browsing Pinterest on Monday, I came across prints by illustrator/designer Tabitha Brown. I checked out her etsy shop, The Pairabirdslove, and fell in love with this print of vintage airline luggage tags.

Since moving in together last summer, Peter and I have been rearranging the apartment he's lived in for 10 (!) years to make it feel more like our home. We still have a lot of bare wall space I'd like to fill with art. Wouldn't this colourful print (along with maybe it's American pair) be inspiring to look at? I think I'd get lost in daydreams of travelling to Sao Paulo, or Melbourne or any one of these places.

I also really like this print of Rock, Paper, Scissors and this one called The New Girl.

(illustration by Tabitha Brown)

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