Monday, June 4, 2012

Do You Unplug During Vacation?

When Jacky was visiting back in April, she made an interesting remark while we were packing our overnight bags for Victoria. She said she was going to do like me and leave her computer at home.

I found this an interesting comment because I hadn't consciously realized that not bringing my computer on trips in Europe was my M.O. But it's true. For the most part, I didn't bring my laptop along on my European travels. It wasn't because of some belief in living unplugged, but rather a decision based on the realities of packing for a week of travelling with just a carry-on bag. When I lived in France, I didn't have a smartphone, so being unplugged on vacation was all the easier.

When Peter and I took our anniversary trip to Seattle, I tweeted and checked social media and email occasionally, but only when there was free wifi available. That trip had a unique social media dimension with the Twitter #2DaysInSeattle.

This trip to Europe I am planning on being unplugged. I'm not bringing my laptop along (Peter will have his iPad), and as I expect free wifi to be rare, I don't think I will be using my iPhone much beyond taking the occasional Instagram photo, if that.

What are your social media and internet habits when you travel? Do you unplug? Do you feel strongly about taking a break from the computer and/or internet?

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