Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

When I was living in France, my friend Jacqui sent me a bunch of postcards of Vancouver views. After receiving about two dozen such postcards, I got the idea to use them as teaching aids for my students. I would give each student a postcard and have them tell a brief story pretending they were on vacation a nd writing home to a friend about the location pictured on their postcard.

I happened to give this lesson to a class of mine on the morning of February 14th. Just before leaving for school that morning I had been surprised by Peter who had roses delivered to my apartment door.

The student who got this postcard had raised an eyebrow. I explained that it was a picture of the SeaBus--the most awesome form of transit in Vancouver--and that it was a particularly dear card to me because I would take it in order to go visit my boyfriend. The girls in the class let out a big AWWW and asked me if my amoureux and I were doing anything for Valentine's Day. I blushed and I don't know what I said because I was too overcome with shyness to share that I'd received three dozen roses.

I still love taking the SeaBus although it has lost some of its specialness in having become a twice-daily occurrence as I commute back and forth from what has now become our place.

Happy Valentine's Day!

PS: Valentine's stories from last year and two years ago in case you missed them.

(SeaBus postcard photo by Bob Herger)

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