Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One-Way Ticket

On September 23 I will be boarding a plane bound for Paris. The feeling of having just bought a one-way ticket is exhilarating.

Although I didn't take these particular photos, these are some of the views of this fair city I will see as the plane departs. Depending on the runway the plane takes off from, it typically circles around and you get a pretty good view of the city and the southern suburbs. Whenever flying, I would always try and find my house, which is visible in the second shot.

(photos by Stefan Brown)


And Kathleen said...

I've never even considered how fabulous it would be to purchase a one-way ticket. Are you living in France now? Or just visiting for an unplanned amount of time?

Vanessa said...

Hi Kathleen,

I will be leaving for France on Thursday (I can't believe how soon that is!) and be living and teaching English there until late next Spring.