Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Il neige!

The snowy courtyard of my lycée

It's snowing! For real this time. Even while being a gorgeous November, it has snowed three times. The first two times, snowflakes fell from the sky and turned to rain as they neared the ground and last Friday's snow, although it stuck, was barely more than a dusting.

My feelings toward the snow vary. At times I find myself loathing it, other times I get giddy and excited. I feel uncomfortable admitting I sometimes loathe snow. As a child, I could not understand why my mom was not as excited as I when it snowed (because she had to drive in it) and vowed to myself that I would not grow up to detest the snow. The last few winters in Vancouver have had particularly heavy snowfalls though (by Vancouver standards), and being Vancouver, the city is ill-equipped to deal with it, which has turned me against the snow.

I am mostly excited for this snow as I am in France and my commute to work is a five minute walk. I am also hopeful that the snow will deter the French from walking their dogs and letting them shit freely on the sidewalks without picking up after them.

The same view from my kitchen window taken November 26, 2010

It would also be perfect weather to wear these. I discovered them last night and got super excited; until now, I think the only way to get the coveted CBC Radio 3 toque and scarf was to win them. Were I in Vancouver, they would totally be at the top of my Christmas wish list.

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