Saturday, May 14, 2011

Where Am I? Berlin & Prague

You guessed it: I was in Berlin and Prague!

Berlin, formerly divided into East and West Berlin, could be said to have a split personality. Evidence of the divisions is still evident and some say there are still two Germanys.

Prague was once part of Czechoslovakia, which ceased to exist after the revolutions of 1989 when it underwent the “Velvet Divorce” in 1993. Prague’s Spring 1968 marked an uprising of the people against the government, which was violently put down.

For this contest I have a postcard for each city. Congratulations to Andrew and Mandy and Ali! Email me your address and I will send your postcard along.

The last postcard challenge of my European trip will be next week so stay tuned for your last chance to win snail mail from me before I go so stay tuned!

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