Sunday, May 8, 2011

Where Am I? Postcard Challenge #11

Tomorrow I’m leaving on a trip in which I’ll visit two cities over six days. Here are the clues for this second to last postcard challenge:

1. The first city could be said to have a split personality, East and West.

2. Only fragments of the "dividing line" remain in this first city. Bonus: What is the dividing line?

3. "Eich ben ein..." Bonus: Complete the phrase and who spoke it?

4. The second city was formerly part of a country that ceased to exist in 1989.

5. Spring 1968 had particular importance in this second city. Bonus: Why?

6. Good King Wenceslas was a resident of this second city.

Think you know where I am going? Leave your answer in the comments below! To add a new twist to this challenge, I’ll add your name to the draw an extra time for each bonus you answer correctly (i.e. you have the opportunity to have your name in the draw 3 times). You have until May 14 at 5:00pm (CEST) to guess.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Hey Vanessa!

Pretty sure you're going to Berlin and Prague. The "dividing line" refers, of course, to the Berlin Wall. Don't know what the German means...

Prague was a city in Czechoslovakia before it was split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in '89. In the spring of '68, the government attempted to lessen the grasp of the Soviet Union and begin major political reforms. I think it ended with the invasion of the S.U.?

Anyway, I'm actually living in Prague now, so you should give me a call if you want to grab a coffee or most delicious fried cheese sandwich! Even if I don't see you, have a wonderful trip!


ANKA said...

2. the Berlin Wall
3. Berliner - JFK

You don't actually have to send me a postcard - I won't be anywhere long enough for you to actually send me one till June, but I still wanted to say hi! I will be in Berlin not long after, starting May 19th. Hope you're having fun!

Anonymous said...

I give up - ma langue au chat ... Bon voyage !! (Jocelyne)

Anonymous said...

Andrew and Mandy here:

1. It's Berlin, where there was East and West Berlin, although both were in East Germany.

2. The "dividing line" is the Berlin Wall. There's a section of it at the Imperial War Museum in London.

3. "Eich ben ein Berliner" is from JFK. He was standing in front of the Berlin Wall. He meant that he was a person from Berlin (which would be "Eich ben Berliner") but he actually said that he is a pastry.

4. The second city is Prague, which used to be a part of Czechoslovakia, and is now the Czech Republic, separated from Slovakia in the Velvet Divorce.

5. Spring 1968 was the time of the Prague Spring, which was an uprising against the Communist government that was brutally suppressed.

6. I can't sing, so I won't attempt the song.

Anonymous said...

Voici mes reponses:
2.the Wall.
3.Eich ben ein Berliner,by J.F.K,this quote was interpreted as:I am a pastry,because in Germany there is a pastry named a Berliner,similarly to a Danish etc...
5.Spring 68,the Russians tanks rolled into Prague.This is the reason why Jaromir Jagr of the Pittsburg Penguins chose to wear the #68 on his jersey.
6.le bon roi Wenceslas born 907 ,murdered 935 on his way to church,this is why I avoid Mass...Lol

Kit said...

City 1: Berlin. Divided until 1989 by the Berlin wall. "Ich bin ein Berliner" was said by JF Kennedy
City 2: Prague. 1968 Spring is special because it was the beginning of political reform in then Czechoslovakia, which spurred the federalization of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, though it was a long time before that actually came to pass.