Friday, March 1, 2013

How To Pack Like A Rockstar

That's my suitcase on the left, it's famous!
The weekend before last, I met my friends Charlotte and Katie for brunch. Having not seen Katie in months (she's in law school), she mentioned that she'd heard Peter on the radio. Though I have the CBC Early Edition on every morning, I actually hadn't heard it (I must have either been hitting snooze or in the shower). When Peter recorded it, he didn't yet know when it would air, and we kind of just forgot about it.

Shaun Huberts, a fellow bass player who has toured with Tegan and Sara, turned his wealth of experience packing into the book How To Pack Like A Rock Star. Shaun lives up the hill from us and Peter had been trying to catch him to buy a copy the book as a Christmas gift for his parents (his parents bring at least one large suitcase each when they come visit for a few days). They'd been trying to meet for a couple of days when Shaun called Peter to see if he could help do a radio interview about the book.

My favourite part of the interview is when Peter qualifies his level of packing experience as "for the purpose of this." You see, Peter has also toured as a musician and is pretty good at packing. But even so, he says he learned a few new techniques from How To Pack Like A Rock Star.

If you want to have a listen yourself, click here (the interview starts at 1:30:00).

(photo via CBC)

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