Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Waderlust Wednesday: Eat, Gay, Love

Having returned home nearly two years ago, this is admittedly no longer a travel blog. Instead, it's become an outlet of sorts for my travel-themed writings and ramblings.For this Wanderlust Wednesday, I thought I'd share about someone who is currently writing a travel blog.

I can't remember how I happened across Jason Hudson's blog These Roving Eyes (probably via Jeremy & Kathleen). When I caught glimpse of this proposed itinerary, I immediately wanted to follow along, and was awed at Jason and his partner's bravery to pack up their lives in Toronto for a year-long worldwide adventure in celebration of their ten-year anniversary (congrats!).

My wanderlust has had me daydreaming all across the globe, but Jason and Jeff will actually be living it. They've only just left a little over a month ago, so you can catch up and follow along if you want.

Bon voyage Jason and Jeff!

(Map illustration by Paul Dotey via Jason Hudson/These Roving Eyes)

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Jason Hudson Dot Com said...

Hey thanks for the shout out! So glad you're enjoying our trip. (We are too!!)