Friday, October 15, 2010

Travel Plans

Yesterday I bought plane tickets for my first two trips. Stay tuned for the clues for the first postcard challenge, which I'll post the week after next.

It's interesting, when it comes to countries like Italy, England, or Spain I know where I would want to go and what I would want to see. When it comes to Germany, my mind just draws a blank.

Where would you want to travel to?

(Map photograph: My own of a pre-1989 Atlas Général Bordas)

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kitmonster said...

Munich. It's beautiful, and the people are friendly, and... Yeah. I liked Munich. Skip the musical clock, though. It's ridiculous, and somewhat annoying. Hamburg is also nice but I didn't spend long there. Switzerland is beautiful but expensive; the CHF is about par with CAD but the prices are twice as high. Get out of the cities if you can; the rail network will take you to a TON of little places you'd never see otherwise.