Friday, October 22, 2010

The Snailr Project

Just as I was devising my postcard challenge, Anna of Little Red Boat announced her own postcard plan, the Snailr Project.

Anna planned a train journey around the United States during which she would send postcards to interested readers. You can read more about the premise of the Snailr Project here.

As it was such an interesting idea, and I love receiving snail, I signed up. Anna's journey was to end two days before I was to leave Vancouver for France so there was even a chance I might even receive the postcard before I left. As luck would have it though, the postcard arrived the day after I left.

As part of the project, Anna asked that recipients scan a photo of the postcard back to her. As my postcard was in Vancouver and I was in France, I had my mom send it to me. So not only did the postcard travel from Somewhere, U.S.A. to Vancouver, Canada, but it also travelled across the Atlantic Ocean to me just outside of Lyon, France, a journey totalling more than 11,300 km.

My Snailr Project Postcard's Trajectory

I received postcard #88, which reads:
One handy tip, should you ever find yourself in downtown Memphis, waiting for a train in search of something a bit unique: We find ourselves in Earnestine + Hazel's sundries store, which is only a few steps form the station

Minuses of Earnestine + Hazel's: Its horrendous selection of bottled lager (and nothing else) and if you don't like dive bars, or are vegetarian, also you wouldn't like it much. Because: of E+H Plusses, as well as only beer; they only serve one food: teh soul burger (grilled on a plate wased in pickle juice) they have a barman who is lovely and when you talk to him, will give you money from the till to put some tunes on the (soul-only) jukebox, and let you look around upstairs--which used to be a speakeasy/brothel. Lovely.

Thank you, Anna, for including me in your Snailr Project!

Stay tuned, I'll post the clues to the first postcard challenge early next week.

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