Sunday, October 17, 2010

Settling In

I haven't posted much about my flat in St-É yet because because until today, it hasn't really been presentable. I am renting a furnished three bedroom apartment with two roommates. My landlord's elderly mother lived here until shortly before I moved in.

When I first arrived in my flat October 1, the apartment was very dusty and many personal effects remained. My first priority was to clean the kitchen. I spent a few hours several days in a row cleaning. To undertake a marathon clean by myself, however, was an overwhelming prospect.

My roommate (or colocataire, coloc for short) Andrenne moved in October 7. We agreed to have a cleaning day that Sunday and finished cleaning the kitchen. Andrenne also spent 3 hours the following week mopping the kitchen, hall, and her bedroom.

This morning I woke up and felt the immediate urge to unpack my suitcases and put my clothes in my wardrobe (and get rid of the remaining things belonging to my landlord's mother). This act alone made me feel much more like my room was my room.

After having breakfast (pastries and café au lait from Paul's bakery) Andrenne and I spent the next six-and-a-half hours cleaning, sorting, and reorganising our flat. For more photos and her side of the story, you can check out my Andrenne's blog here.

Now, after all our hard work, it finally feels like we're living in our own place, and not in someone else's home.

("After photo" of our living room by my roommate, Andrenne)

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Anonymous said...

Wow les meubles sont fantastiques,sont-ils anciens ou des reproductions?Le plancher,tuile?By the way the floor design show a silhouette of the B-2 Bomber in brown...A quel etage vies-tu?Y-a-t-il un elevateur?Please show us more pics,it is most Interestink...