Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where Am I? Postcard Challenge #4

Peter and I are leaving on a short trip before he returns to Canada on Friday. Here are the clues for this fourth postcard challenge:

1. It has consistently been a top--if not the top--ranking tourist destination.

2. Thirty-two bridges link the two sides of this city divided by a river.

3. It is home to a structure weighing 7,000 tonnes but that exerts about the same pressure on the ground as a person sitting on a chair.

Where am I going? If you think you know, leave your answer in the comments below. Again, props to you if you can answer each of the three clues(but don't worry, it will not put you at an advantage for a postcard). I will be back on December 17th and will draw the lucky winner once I'm home from work that day. This means you have until 5:00pm Central European Time (CET) on December 17, 2010 to guess and leave your answer.

Good luck!


kitmonster said...

Ma belle, je pense que tu t'en va à Paris, mais the nombres ne correspondent pas ceux que ja'ai trouvé.

Biensur que Paris soit un des (ou le) plus popuaires destinations pour vacances. Et Frommer's dit que le tour Eiffel pese 7000 tonnes. Ainsi qu'il nous ne dit pas si ça soit métrique ou non. Mais wikipedia nous donne la figure de 10000, et des autres sites ne peuvent agréer, nonplus. Au part du masse du tour, il y en a 37 ponts qui croisent la Seine, et non pas 32.

Anonymous said...


- Lisa

Anonymous said...

Uh, Paris?

Unknown said...

I know the answer, but you told me, so that doesn't count ;)

Vanessa said...

That's weird that the numbers don't correspond. I got my figures from the Frommers' France guide I borrowed from the library before I left so it is possible I noted the figures wrong.