Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Roman Holiday

Rome was amazing. The city has a very particular atmosphere that is unlike anywhere else I have been to so far. While being a big, bustling city, it retains a certain relaxed quality; perhaps it's la dolce vita. Having now been there, I feel I can now understand how some people fall absolutely in love with Italy. I, too, have fallen in love with Rome, if not Italy. It didn't take me long, just the walk from Termini station to our Bed & Breakfast at Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore. It was the combination of seeing nuns and the vibrant and warm shades of golden yellow, peach, and terracotta orange buildings accentuated with green or brown shutters that charmed me. Having watched Roman Holiday just before leaving on this trip, I understand why Audrey Hepburn's character could not stop exclaiming

Santa Maria Maggiore

After checking into our bed & breakfast, we set out to explore Rome. Heading to the Terme di Caracalla, the Roman baths, we made a left turn and there was the Coliseum just ahead.

Rome has a very layered feel; ruins seem to be scattered pretty much throughout the city (many of which were discovered during excavation for construction) so they can be seen among buildings built at anytime in the last two millennia.

These are the ruins of what are thought to be ancient temples located just off one of the busiest streets in Rome, which cats have made their home:

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