Monday, March 28, 2011

They Say It's My Birthday

So I thought I'd list 24 things I'm greateful for on this twenty-fourth anniversaire of mine:
  1. My health.
  2. The health of my friends and loved ones, especially my maman. I'm sure I've given her a few extra grey hairs lately.
  3. My boyfriend who has been so supportive of me this year I've been abroad.
  4. To have a loving and supportive family.
  5. My friends and loved ones back home, pure and simple.
  6. That I am living abroad in France.
  7. That because of this, I have been able to travel throughout France and Europe.
  8. The friends I've made on this year abroad.
  9. That I am not as stressed as I was this time last year when completing my undergraduate Honours thesis.
  10. That I defended my thesis and received an A.
  11. That by all accounts, I have a bright future ahead of me. 
  12. To be able to eat so many delicious and affordable French cheeses.
  13. And to be able to drink delicious and affordable wine along with these cheeses.
  14. To have discovered Malbec Sec, my new favourite white wine.
  15. To simply even have delicious food to eat every day.
  16. My cats.
  17. Flowers, they're beautiful.  (Like the ones above, which I indulged myself for my birthday and bought at the market yesterday).
  18. To be able to take long walks.
  19. Fresh air.
  20. To have grown up in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  21. Music.
  22. Dancing.
  23. Laughter.
  24. And you, dear reader!
 Update: As it's my first birthday abroad, my dad sent me birthday wishes to make it a good one, and short anecdote about my neighbour back home, a World War II air force veteran, who celebrated his 19th birthday in Italy.  Thank God the circumstances of my birthday abroad are different--even if the classroom can sometimes be a battle.


    And Kathleen said...

    Happy birthday! What a lovely list.

    Vanessa said...

    Thank you!