Thursday, March 31, 2011


Isn't this photo of Vancouver just amazing? While I'm loving my time in France, it has started to dawn on me that my time here is almost over; I have a mere three weeks of teaching left.

While I'm in no rush to get back to Vancouver, there are things I'm looking forward to doing, like having a drink on Chill Winston's amazing patio in Gastown and eating nachos at Foundation. I'm also interested to see how much the city has changed since I've been away.

Friends back home, what, if anything has changed about the city?

(Photo by NASA via Design*Sponge's Vancouver City Guide)


Unknown said...

The dome is gone and, instead, has been replaced with this ugly structure that resembles a pin-cushion.

Vanessa said...

I've heard. I'll have to see it for myself.

Anna Felicity said...

Here's a picture with the pin cushion on the left:

Vanessa said...

Weird. The rest of the skyline looks beautiful though.