Thursday, March 31, 2011

Poisson d'avril

Happy April Fool's Day! But in Frace April Fool's is called poisson d'avril and the trick they play is to paste a fish on your back. This is one tradition I wouldn't mind participating in. I wonder if I'll get a poisson d'avril, I only have two classes today.


The fish you see above was my lunch on Wednesday. My room mate Katherine works at a lycée where students train to be waiters, cooks, and pastry chefs, among other things. On Wednesdays the school opens a restaurant, and Katherine was lucky enough to be able to get us a reservation.

We were served the four course meal. We started with a salad with duck, and next came our main course (above). A whole fish, head and all. I was a little less surprised as when Peter and I had been to Paris, where we were each served two fish au beurre blanc (Julia Child is right, it's more than deliciuos!). Next was the cheese course followed by the largest desert; not only did we get fruit salad, but we got a madeleine aux poire (pear cake). We definitely had food babies by the time our coffees arrived, but it was so good that it was worth it.

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