Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where Am I? Postcard Challenge #9

This weekend I'm going accompanying my friend Emily who is running a marathon--how awesome is she?  The marathon is on Sunday, so Saturday we are going on a day trip.  Here are the clues for this ninth postcard challenge:

1. We will be passing through the capital of "le hexagone."

2. We will be visiting  a famous cathedral.

2. This cathedral contains what is believed to be the relic of the Virgin Mary's veil.

Think you know where I'm going? Leave your guess in the comments below before 9:00pm CET. I'll draw a lucky winner when I'm back on Sunday night.

Good luck!


Christine McAvoy Photography said...


Do I win snail mail love?! Did yours ever arrive? It was mailed somewhere along the it might never get there! Ha.

Corey Wood said...

Ohhhh I Think I Finally Got One!!
It Is Charters, I've Been Close By There, Its Along The A11 On The Way From Paris to Bretagne, My Favorite Part Was Acctually Stopping In Laval (France, Not Laval, Quebec) To Get A Post Card, But They Didn't Even Sell Any, Oh Well!!

By the way, i like the game!

boders said...

Sounds like you'll be visiting Notre Dames De Chartres en Paris. Emily (who must be very awesome) is running in the Paris Marathon. Kudos and congrats on all that hard work. Hope spring is treating ya swell!

Gareth said...

I already played, so if anyone else answers they should get the postcard. But the city is Chartre

Anonymous said...

The Hex is France(shape)<its capital Paris,Cathedral :
Notre Dame,no too obvious, Virgin Mary's Veil, Chartes,
and a very storied Cathedral,that's it You are going to Chartes.... And while You are there ,check the connection with the Chartreuse alcool....


Anonymous said...

Andrew here: It's Chartres! Be sure to walk the maze they have there.