Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Social Darwinism of Discount Airlines

Photo of the sun above the clouds on the flight from Bordeaux to Lyon

Back in October, before my trip to Belgium, I had never flown with Easy Jet. Puzzled that my boarding pass didn't have an assigned seat, I asked some British friends over tea. They told me that flying Easy Jet or Ryanair was an experiment in social darwinism in that it's a scramble to get a good seat. With this in mind, I positioned myself to be the first one on the plan and chose a window seat.

Since then, I've flow Easy Jet to Amsterdam, Rome, and back from Bordeaux. At no point have I felt it to a matter of social darwinism. In fact, I've been quite satisfied with Easy Jet.

I haven't flown Ryanair--from SaintÉ they only fly to Porto, Portugal (shame, I know)--but the reviews I've read and heard make me apprehensive to do so.

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