Monday, April 18, 2011

Nothing Toulouse

In Making a Second Visit to Toulouse

When I was last in Toulouse in November to see Siskiyou play, I met Paloma, my friend's sister living abroad in France. At the show she invited me back. So the last weekend of February, which happened to be the first weekend of my February/March break, I paid her and her husband a visit.

I love Toulouse. If I were ever to spend another year abroad in France, it would be in Toulouse. It is such a beautiful city, which could just be le style toulousain of rose brick with turquoise accents. Or the Garonne river. But there's something more to the city I find alluring. It has both the feel of a small town (you seem to be able to get anywhere in town in twenty minutes by foot or bike) yet also has the vibe of a big city.

While there, it was also comforting to speak with Paloma, an expat about cultural differences I'd noticed and be reassured by her. Just because I speak French does not mean I've been automatically attuned to cultural differences. But that's another post.

Overall, I spent a lovely few days with Paloma and her husband, who showed me the sights I'd not known about and missed in November, and fell in love with the city.


Anonymous said...

Jocelyne here; Very nice! So great that you met Paloma and her husband! It's always much more instructive to visit a city with a local resident.

Anonymous said...

It was great having you here! My friend in Marseille loves to write, some of her blogs are on "cultural differences", they are hilarious! Here's one in case you are interested: