Tuesday, April 12, 2011


On the second day of our séjour in Paris, Emily and I hopped a train to Chartres for a daytrip. What can I say?

Chartres is known principally for its cathedral. It is the best preserved medieval cathedral and is distinct in that it has both Romanesque and Gothic towers. It also contains what is believed to be the relic of the Virgin Mary's veil, which makes it my second relic sighting after the relic of the Holy Blood in Bruges (I didn't actually notice the relic of Saint Valentine's skull in Rome).

In fact, our daytrip there reminded me a lot of my trip to Bruges; we walked around, admired the town's beauty, took lots of photos and had a drink by the canalside.

The Aries zodiac sign and corresponding statues of figures representing each month.

The cathedral had awe-inspiring stained glass windows, but what I thought was coolest part was the zodiac and month sculptures decorating the West entrance.

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