Thursday, January 27, 2011

One Flew Over the Alps

I flew back from Rome the morning of December 27. As I had to get up before the crack of dawn to catch my flight, I fell asleep on the plane. Nearly home, I woke up to this view:

A sunny, clear view of the Alps! It was a spectacular sight!

On the flight back, I ended up sitting next to a twenty-year-old American seminary student on exchange to Rome. I ended up helping him and his two friends, also American seminary students in their twenties who had been sitting a few rows ahead of us, get from the airport to the train station. It was really interesting to talk to them as one doesn't often meet young North American men studying to enter the priesthood. When we parted ways at the train station I even heard them call "God bless you" after me!

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Anonymous said...

GREAT PICS,It look pretty rugged,but the Alps are not very high I believe just a few peaks above 1500 meters,compared to our Rockies at 3000 meters plus.
I'm looking forward to see you in St-E.